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About the Cat Lady

Who is this crazy lady??


I’m Beth Anne, a 30 year old wife, daughter, sister, friend. I’m a mix of contemporary and traditional with a little idealism mixed in.

New Orleans is in my blood. I never imagined that a city could shape you and it’s hard to explain how and why but it’s true. I was born and raised in the metro area and have chosen to make the city proper my adult home, this is where I put down roots. I live with my best friend and husband, Bryan, in the Warehouse District. Hubby and I met in college and were married in November of 2008. We enjoy a fantastic life of reading, traveling, friends and family.

Together we have 3 feline children, Chloe, Kal and Vaca. Never ever get an animal from a breeder yall, rescues are the only way to go. Chloe came from a shelter, Kal from the street and we brought Vaca home from Mexico. I married a man who was allergic to cats, and funny enough we found out that cat allergies can just go away. After months and months of miserable allergy symptoms and not being able to wear your contacts that is. I adore my husband, I really do, especially after he sacrificed health and well-being for me and my cats. These cats run this house and their favorite spot is on the counter watching me cook.

Bryan lovingly tells methat I am 1 cat and a pair of fuzzy house shoes away from being  a crazy cat lady . Somehow I’m ok with that.



container gardening * cooking * reading* lavender candles * Blue Dog art * roses and pearls * strawberries * reusable shopping bags * breakfast for dinner * kitchen gadgets * fleur de lis * a clean house * high heels * Abita Amber * traveling * wine * random acts of kindness * Mardi Gras * pink toenail polish


Books- I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb; Jewel by Brett Lott; The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards … I’m a John Grisham and Gregory Maguire Junkie and I would leave my husband if Bev Marshall asked me to. Seriously. Once Bryan gets published though he will blow you all out of the water. Take my word on this.

Music- Anything by a brass band, it makes me want to shake my booty in public. Better Than Ezra rocks my socks off. Musicals of almost any kind make me happy.

Food- Hello, I live in New Orleans, a gumbo pot of amazing foods of all kind. My days are pretty much food-centric. I enjoy eating and cooking equally, especially when my husband does the dishes.

Parade- Without hesitation, the Krewe of Muses. I’m the gal in Lee Circle with the obnoxiously bright sign that unashamedly reads” Screw the Coconuts. Carnival is for SHOES!” I have no shame. Chaos and the Krewe de Vieux are the next on my must-not-miss Mardi Gras parades.


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